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May 1 – May 15 for in-person participation, limit: 35 participants 

May 1 - May 20 for online participation, limit: 100 participants 


conference participation is FREE OF CHARGE 


Please, click on the image below to fill in the registration form.

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The conference will discuss early modern nautical charts as an important form of cartographic expression and as communication media focused on the sea areas, islands, and the mainland coast. The conference aims to bring together scholars from various fields related to the history of cartography and navigation to present their latest research achievements and discuss the scientific importance of their work.



PARTICIPATION FORMAT: in-person and online (Zoom) presentations

REGISTRATION FEE: conference participation is free of charge

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: the official language of the conference is English

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Professor Georg Gartner - TU Wien, President of the ICA (International Cartographic Association)

CONFERENCE VENUE: to be announced


  • history of nautical charts and the nautical cartography heritage,

  • challenges and importance of different methodological approaches,

  • the role and the importance of nautical charts,

  • the origin of nautical charts,

  • pre-geodetic and pre-hydrographic methods of spatial data acquisition,

  • accuracy of nautical charts and their reliability as navigational aids,

  • cartographic signs on nautical charts,

  • imaginaries of the sea: aesthetics and symbolism on nautical charts,

  • non-navigational elements on nautical charts (religious, political, etc.),

  • nautical charts as communication media,

  • toponymy: names and naming on nautical charts,

  • seas and oceans in the history of cartography,

  • sea atlases,

  • complements to nautical charts: portolani, pilot books, isolarios, travelogues,

  • navigational practices in the early modern period


CONTACT INFORMATION: For further inquiries, please contact the conference organizers at


Tony Campbell – independent researcher, formerly British Library, London

Josip Faričić – Univeristy of Zadar, Zadar

Miljenko Lapaine – Croatian Cartographic Society, Zagreb

Dubravka Mlinarić – Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, Zagreb

Dragan Umek – University of Trieste, Trieste

László Zentai - Eotvos University, Institute of Cartography and Geoinformatics, Budapest


Tome Marelić – University of Zadar

Lena Mirošević – Univeristy of Zadar

Milorad Pavić – University of Zadar

Julijan Sutlović – Univeristy of Zadar

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